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Performance Part 121 (CASA)

The course covers the basics of the performance calculations for Performance in Part 121 operation, CASA, Australia. 


The course covers the basic knowledge of the performance calculations, for Performance in Part 121 operations, CASA.

There is a final knowledge test at the end of the course. After successful completion, a course completion certificate will be issued.

Estimated duration: 0:40 minutes

Course contents

  • V Speeds Take-Off Roll
  • V2 Speed
  • Declared Distances
  • Stopway
  • Clearway
  • Take-Off Flare Distance
  • Clearway Limitations
  • Displaced Threshold
  • Balanced Field
  • Wet Runway
  • Take-Off Flight Path Segments
  • Climb Gradient
  • Aircraft Overweight
  • Landing Performance
  • Landing at the touchdown
  • Landing Distance Available
  • Certified Landing Distance
  • Landing Field Weight Limitations
  • Landing Field Calculations
  • Landing Requirement Factors
  • Approach and Landing Climb
  • Approach and Landing Climb Adjustment