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Aircraft System Training

Courses for pilots initial and recurrent type rating training. Illustrations and animations of all aircraft systems.

Commercial Operational Courses

Courses for airline and charter crew. EASA and FAA compliant. 

Maintenance & Management Courses​

EWIS & CDCCL Courses. EASA and FAA Compliant

Our dedicated team develop on-line courses, for aviation worldwide. Can not find the course? Ask us and we will assist you!

Aircraft System Training Courses - CBT

Citation Jet CJ1-CJ3

Pilatus PC12

King Air 200

Cessna Caravan C208

Our courses are condensed to include what is required to know and some “nice to know”.  We believe courses must be interesting, that is when you actually learn something. We focus on quality and not quantity.

Some operational courses should reflect your operation. We can customize any of our courses, some to no additional cost. Talk to us to find out more.

We are all active professionals who develop our courses. We stay ahead of requirements and development.

Boeing 737 Recurrent

We are introducing a new, approach on how to conduct recurrent training for pilots. It is based on the non-normal checklist. Instead of repeating the entire system, the focus is on faults, enhance the understanding of the systems. This can be tailored to YOUR airline. Watch the demo.

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Enjoy a fantastic way of learning an aircraft by listen to explanations, see how a system works when you press a button, and much more. Does it totally replace the need to read the AFM /POH? No, it does not but it will definitely make it a whole lot easier, and faster. In most AFM/POH the information is scattered all over the manual. Here we have gathered the information in one place, easy to overview. We all learn in different ways, we all are different. In our courses, you will find many different ways of learning instead of just reading pages in a book. 


If you are an operator, training organization or government organization we offer a management portal where you can manage and delegate courses to your users. You can easily follow the progress, tailored certificates, and monthly invoices for used courses.

Customized training, most of our courses can be tailored to your operation. Can’t find the course you are looking for? No worries we can make it for you. We offer unlimited and efficient training solutions.

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