When others talk about the future, we are already there...

Aircraft System Training

Courses for pilots initial and recurrent training. Illustrations and animations of all aircraft systems.

Commercial Operational Courses

Courses for airline and charter crew. EASA and FAA compliant.

Maintenance & Management Courses

EWIS and CDCCL Courses

We have probably the best courses on the market of it's kind

Talk to us and we will set up an account where you can distribute and manage your crew training.

Mikael Randhem — Founder & CEO

Our courses are condensed to include what is required to know and some “nice to know”.  We believe courses must be interesting, that is when you actually learn something. We focus on quality and not quantity.

Some operational courses should reflect your operation. We can customize any of our courses, some to no additional cost. Talk to us to find out more.

We are all active professionals who develop our courses. We stay ahead of requirements and development.

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