Aviation On-Line Training

Aircraft System Training

CBT, Computer-based training. Courses for pilots initial and recurrent type rating training. Illustrations and animations of all aircraft systems.

Commercial Operational Courses

FAA & EASA compliant courses for charter (135) operators, airlines and NCO operators. Complete course packages with management portal.

Aviation Groundschool

Explore our unique groundschool courses for most areas within aviation. If it flies, we probably have it!

Who is it for?

We provide online aviation courses worldwide to Airlines, Business Jet operators, Training providers such as flight schools and private individuals. 

Join our training

Enjoy a fantastic way of learning an aircraft by listen to explanations, see how a system works when you press a button, and much more. Does it totally replace the need to read the AFM /POH? No, it does not but it will definitely make it a whole lot easier, and faster. In most AFM/POH the information is scattered all over the manual. Here we have gathered the information in one place, easy to overview. We all learn in different ways, we all are different. In our courses, you will find many different ways of learning instead of just reading pages in a book.


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