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Warm weather operations & wet season training-Australia

The course covers the topics of safe operation in areas near the equator, the northern territory of Australia with extremely seasoned weather conditions. 

Duration 1 hrs 20 min


The course is about the hazards associated with extreme weather during the wet and dry season of Australia.. Operating during this extreme and very dynamic weather is different from anywhere in the world. This course will give you a more in-depth knowledge of the hazards and how to detect a potentially unsafe situation. A final test completes the course and a course completion certificate will be sent automatically to you. 

Course contents

▪ Extreme weather conditions
▪ Hazards
▪ PAVE Toolkit
▪ Pilot
▪ Aircraft
▪ Environment
▪ External Pressures
▪ Special VFR
▪ Pilot Judgement

▪ Tropical Weather Systems
▪ Cyclone
▪ Storm Surge
▪ Cyclone Categories
▪ Flooded runways
▪ The CB
▪ Convective Cloud
▪ Methods of rising
▪ The CB initial stage
▪ The height of the CB
▪ CB Mature stage
▪ CB Cell clearance
▪ Passing a cell
▪ Avoidance decision
▪ Cloud hazards
▪ Microbursts
▪ CB dissipating stage
▪ Risk
▪ Hail
▪ Engine Flame-out
▪ Windshear

▪ Warm weather operation definition
▪ Density
▪ Altitude
▪ Airspeed
▪ Examples
▪ Cabin climate
▪ Sandy environment
▪ Dust devils
▪ Sand and dust storms
▪ Meteorological Codes
▪ Temperature Limitations

▪ Resources Weather Forecast
▪ Fuel planning
▪ WX Radars


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This course is developed for operation in the northern territory of Australia.

Any questions or technical problems, we have a 24/7 support available.