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FTL - Flight Time Limitation EASA & UK

This course is developed for all flight crew, pilots and cabin crew.

The course covers EASA and UK regulations for FTL. Also suitable for other states who have adopted the FTL based on EASA.

Course duration: 50 min


The course meets the recommendation for training and is applicable for EASA, the UK, and the other ICAO States who have adopted the FTL based on EASA. Well explained with audio and great graphics. 

The course consists of a presentation followed by a final test. A certificate of completion will be automatically generated after completion.

Course duration: 50 min

License duration: 90 days
You will have 90 days access to the course, you can review the course as many times as you like. License extension? If you for any reason need additional time just get in contact with us.

Course contents

▪ Definitions
▪ Regulations
▪ Home base
▪ Limitations
▪ Flight Duty Period
▪ Other duties
▪ Responsibilities
▪ Acclimatised
▪ Reference time

▪ Unknown state
▪ Different reporting times
▪ Split duty
▪ Extensions
▪ In-flight rest
▪ Commanders discretion
▪ Rest periods
▪ Disruptive schedules
▪ Airport standby
▪ Standby other than airport standby
▪ Reserve
▪ Theoretical knowledge test


This course is delivered via the Qrosscheck Learning website. The e-learning course modifies itself depending on your screen, works on both computers and tablets. By purchasing this product you agree that the product will be used by a single individual for personal training and not in a classroom or commercial setting. Evidence of account sharing, commercial use, or excessive use will result in the early termination of the license.


EASA and the UK regulations.  

Any questions or technical problems, we have a 24/7 support available.