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Fatigue Management Training

The course covers topics related to fatigue in aviation. Fatigue management refers to the methods by which aviation service providers and operational personnel address the safety implications of fatigue. This course is suitable for all flight crew, dispatchers, and management personnel involved in flight operations. 
Duration: 0:45 hrs


The course covers relevant topics for Fatigue Risk Management for flight crew and other personnel involved with flight operations. The emphasis of the course is to prevent fatigue and how to detect fatigue at an early stage.  EASA compliant. A final test completes the course and a course completion certificate will be sent automatically to you. 

Reference: AMC1 ORO.FTL.250

License duration: 90 days
You will have 90 days of access to the course, you can review the course as many times as you like. 

Course contents

▪ Definition
▪ Fatigue in Aviation
▪ Fit for duty
▪ Documentation References
▪ Training Requirement

Basics of Fatigue
▪ Sleepiness vs Fatigue
▪ Fatigue types
▪ Circadian Rhythm
▪ Body Process
▪ Circadian Low
▪ Sleep debt
▪ Accumulation of Sleep debt
▪ Phases of Sleep
▪ REM Sleep
▪ Power Nap
▪ Sleep Disorders
▪ Signs and Symptoms of Fatigue
▪ Contributing Factors

Jet Lag
▪ Jet Lag Symptoms
▪ Body Clock Mismatch
▪ Direction of Time Zone Change
▪ Recommendations
▪ Layover Principle
▪ Key Points

▪ Employers
▪ Personal Strategy
▪ Unusual Events
▪ Don’t’s
▪ Do’s
▪ Reporting


This course is delivered via the Qrosscheck Education website. The e-learning course modifies itself depending on your screen, works on both computers and tablets. By purchasing this product you agree that the product will be used by a single individual for personal training and not in a classroom or commercial setting. Evidence of account sharing, commercial use, or excessive use will result in the early termination of the license.


This course is developed to meet the recommendations and standards of EASA, FAA, and CASA. 
References:FAA AC 117-3, CAO 481, CAO 48.1, ICAO Doc 9966, ICAO/IATA Fatigue Management Guide for Airline Operators, CASA Fatigue Risk Management System Handbook, EASA ORO.FTL.250

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