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CPDLC D-Link Spectralux

System and operational description of the CPDLC D-Link system by Spectralux for the Boeing 737. The course covers the system and operation of the CPDLC unit from Spectralux and operations.

Course contain a presentation with a final test.

Customization, we can on request add a customized Procedure chapter with your operators procedures. 


The course covers the basics of the CPDLC D-Link unit, how to operate the unit and the logic of the system. With this course the pilots will know how to operate the unit with CPDLC. Basic operation with respect of regulations, ATC etc is covered in the course. An operator should have procedures of how to handle the actions in the cockpit with respect to clearance, This can be easily added as an additional chapter “Procedures” with your specifications on request. The course does not cover the ACARS functions which the unit is capable of.