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Compliance Monitoring System course for EASA Operators

Understand the purpose and functions of a Compliance Monitoring System within your organisation.
Course duration: 30 minutes

This course may be customized to each operator on request.


The course covers the theoretical topics for the understanding of the Compliance Monitoring System for EASA Operators. This course is aimed at flight crew and ground personnel. A final test completes the course and a course completion certificate will be sent automatically to you. 

License duration: 90 days
You will have 90 days of access to the course, you can review the course as many times as you like. 


This course is delivered via the Qrosscheck Learning website. The e-learning course modifies itself depending on your screen, works on both computers and tablets. By purchasing this product you agree that the product will be used by a single individual for personal training and not in a classroom or commercial setting. Evidence of account sharing, commercial use, or excessive use will result in the early termination of the license.


The course covers the EASA regulations and developed for flight crew who operates in accordance with EASA regulations. 

Any questions or technical problems, we have a 24/7 support available.

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