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Cessna Caravan Aircraft System Training

This Aircraft System Training is an interactive e-learning course. The course is developed for pilots initial and recurrent training. It provides system training by illustrations, photos, audio and text.  It is divided in chapters with multiple choice question to ensure that the pilot reach the target knowledge. After completion a course completion certificate will be sent automatically.

The course is based on the Grand Caravan.


The course covers all aircraft systems. For avionics, for aircraft equipped with Garmin 1000, we refer to the training material provided by Garmin. You can navigate freely around the systems and chapters in the course.

Walk-around, is to be dealt with by the training provider for the specific aircraft used for training.

License duration: 180 days
You will have 180 days of access to the course, you can review the course as many times as you like. License extension? If you for any reason need additional time just get in contact with us.

Course duration: 18 hours
Time is calculated without any additional reviews. You can review each system as many times as you want,

Course contents

▪ Aircraft General
▪ Flight Controls
▪ Doors and Exits
▪ Landing Gear
▪ Electrical System
▪ Engine
▪ Propeller
▪ Fuel System
▪ Lights
▪ Environmental System

▪ Pitot-Static System
▪ Ice and Rain Protection
▪ Stallwarning System
▪ Fire Detection and Protection
▪ Performance
▪ Weight and Balance
▪ Limitations
▪ Theoretical knowledge test

Totally updated course!

Our course for the Cessna Caravan has been totally renewed. It now also covers performance and weight and balance. There is a quiz for each chapter and a final test of 80 technical questions.


This course is delivered via the Qrosscheck Education website. The e-learning course modifies itself depending on your screen, works on both computers and tablets. By purchasing this product you agree that the product will be used by a single individual for personal training and not in a classroom or commercial setting. Evidence of account sharing, commercial use, or excessive use will result in the early termination of the license.


Both metric and imperial is covered and covers the system in accordance with the EASA and FAA requirements for type training / rating.

Any questions or technical problems, we have a 24/7 support available.