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Boeing 737-800 Recurrent - DEMO

We are introducing the Pilots Recurrent Training. Our program is based on the Non-Normal Checklist. 

It can be tailored to ANY company and to ANY aircraft.

Key features

Fault recognition

Pilots will practise determining what has happened and select the appropriate Non-Normal Checklist. For example in the Boeing 737, it is not always clear. This will enhance the ability to recognize the fault.

System knowledge

With each fault and step in the checklist, a description of the system is included. This will revise the system but in a more practical way rather than repeating the entire system with all basics.


The pilots will go through the NNC step by step, with an explanation of each step. Not only that he/she shall perform the procedures but also why and what is happening.

Operators customization

With our platform, you as an operator pick and choose which systems you would like to include. Normally operators divide all systems in cycles, no matter what your cycle is, or which systems you put together just tell us and we do it for you.

We develop fixed sets of faults for each system. In this way, you can use different topics for each year. 

Topic of the year

Almost every year there is an accident which leads to a “Topic of the year”.  We are monitoring those events and include those topics, faults to be trained. You as an operator can also ask us for any specific topic that may be relevant to your operation and crew.

Preparation for simulator training

Not only is this more operational training, but it also prepares the pilot for coming simulator sessions.  Since you can pick and choose the topics, you can also modify it to better fit your training program, or the other way around.

Manage your pilots

We open an account for you, enrol and invite your pilots yourself, You can monitor their progress and completion certificates with your airline logo and signature can also be added.  

Watch the demo

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