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Aviation Security

US Operations for Cargo Carrier

This course covers the regulations and procedures for a non-US cargo carrier, operating to, from, within, or overflying the United States.

Duration: 40 min


The course is developed for non-US Air Cargo Carrier, who operate to, from, within, or overflying the United States. Covers the topics and regulations for the All-Cargo International Security Procedures (ACISP), TSA.

Ref: ACISP, 49 CFR 1520, 1540, 18 USC 1001, 49 CFR 1542. 14 CFR Part 129.

Course contents

▪ ACISP Background
▪ ACISP General Requirements
▪ ACISP Requirements
▪ 49 CFR Part 1520, Protection of Sensitive Security Information
▪ 49 CFR Part 1520, Covered persons
▪ 49 CFR Part 1520, Restrictions of the disclosure of SSI
▪ 49 CFR Part 1520, Marking SSI
▪ 49 CFR Part 1540.103, Fraud and intentional falsification of records
▪ 49 CFR Part 1540.105, Security responsibilities of employees and other persons
▪ SIDA – Security Identification Display Area
▪ SIDA – Security Identification Display Area
▪ ACMR – Air Carrier Management Representative
▪ Reporting to the TSA
▪ Credible sources of threat information
▪ Security related reports
▪ Security Report content
▪ Request of LEO (Law Enforcement Officer)
▪ Specific threats and acts of air piracy

▪ Threat to an aircraft
▪ Operations-related Travel
▪ Jumpseat
▪ ID Check
▪ Un-verified ID
▪ Master Crew List – MCL
▪ Crewmember Manifest approval
▪ CAA Inspectors
▪ Non-Crewmember List
▪ Non-Crewmember Manifest
▪ Air Cargo Advance Screening – ACAS
▪ Aircraft Security – US Location
▪ Aircraft Security – Non-US Location
▪ Aircraft Search
▪ Aircraft Search Record
▪ Area Security


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This course is developed for flight operations to, from, within, or overflying the United States. Regulations and requirements based on US Federal Regulations. 

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