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TCAS II 7.1 Course


TCAS II, version 7.1 Covers basic principles of the TCAS II 7.1, regulations, and operating procedures

Course duration: 45 minutes


The course covers the theory of TCAS II, 7.1, regulations, and operational procedures for TCAS II. This is a generic course, refer to each aircraft AFM for the equipment installed in each aircarft.

There is a final exam after the presentation. A completion certificate will be generated automatically.

Course contents

▪ Definitions
▪ Regulations
▪ TCAS Functionality
▪ TCAS System Description
▪ Surveillance
▪ Traffic not displayed
▪ Limited bearing
▪ TCAS Theory of operation
▪ CPA – Closest Point of Approach
▪ Display modes
▪ Levels of protection
▪ Cockpit Displays
▪ EGPWS Inhibits
▪ Sensitivity levels
▪ TCAS Test
▪ TCAS Surveillance volume
▪ Symbols

▪ Traffic Behind
▪ Intruder Altitude
▪ Unknown Altitude
▪ TA Traffic Advisories
▪ RA Resolution advisories
▪ Coordinated RA
▪ Reversal RA
▪ Level Off RA
▪ Crossing RA
▪ Clear of conflict
▪ Display symbols
▪ Aural alerts
▪TCAS Inhibits
▪ Pilot actions
▪ ATC phraseology
▪ Rate of Climb/Descent
▪ Mandatory Reports
▪ Theoretical knowledge test