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Innovation in aviation training, that is what we do. We offer online based training for what we call “General Subjects” and aircraft types. Our General Subjects courses are made for charter operators and airlines, to train their crew on a regular basis. Our aircaft courses covers the the technical aspect of an aircraft as well as some operational procedures. 

Our customers are really all over the world, with most located in Europe and Australia

We have a different approach when it comes to the content, we simply putting a great effort in making it as interesting as possible. We would like the listener to be active, to actually learn something rather than just ticking a box. Our medias includes interactivity, videos, 3D models and 360 virtual lessons. If you have a great interest in aviation and at the same time can think creative, this is the place!

Check below, if you feel that it is you we are looking for, get in contact with me directly!

Send your CV to
Mikael Randhem

Austin, Texas

Pilot / flight instructor with special skills

We are relocating our main business to Austin, TX. 
We are looking for a person who is dedicated to training, within aviation.
Duties: To develop e-learning courses. To write and tailor courses for general subjects, for the US market (FAA). It will involve studying regulations, search for information in various publications. Develop various media such as videos, photos when needed. You will to some extend work close with our customers to tailor courses to their operation. 

We do not expect you to have any knowledge about the software used for course development. We will give you the training required. (We are using Articulate.)

This is a full time / or part time employment with base Austin, TX. 


  • Pilot license min. CPL
  • Good knowledge of FAR and Part 135 operation
  • Instructional experience (any kind)
  • Good computer skills
  • A very positive attitude

Preferred but not required:

  • Part 135 operation experience
  • Adobe Illustrator skills
  • Adobe Photoshop skills
  • Experience of turbo-prop or jet aircraft
  • 3D design skills (i.e 3D Max etc)
  • WordPress

Flying for someone? Sure that is not a problem at all. We actually like if you do fly, to stay connected with the actual operation. We will work with you, for you to do both if that is preferred. In general, this is a full time but depending on your situation, we can adjust accordingly.

If you are interested, please send your CV to

Interviews will be held continuously, initially by Zoom or Skype.