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About our Beechcraft (Textron) Courses

Our King Air courses and the Beech 1900D course cover all the aircraft systems, and much more. We are continuously updating our courses with more content for the best learning experience. We cover today almost all King Air versions on the market. The King Air does exist with a great variation of avionics and aftermarket equipment. The avionic installations that we cover are the Collins Pro Line 21 and the Collins Pro Line Fusion. For Garmin equipped aircraft we refer to training material from Garming (free, available on youtube). If you are looking for a full initial course for the King Air 90, use the King Air 200 with the King Air 90 Differences. 
If you are uncertain about which course to choose, get in touch with us and we will guide you to the most appropriate one. 

Training Management for Operators

If you are an operator or training provider, we offer an account with a management portal. You can assign courses to your users and view their progress. On request, we offer customized operational courses, tailored to your operation and aircraft type(s).